Tom Supple and Hannah Fox, have been working collaboratively for almost 10 years in the fields of live art, contemporary music, and sound art.

Supple Fox’s curatorial credits include work for Dark Mofo, Mona Foma, Melbourne Festival, the Tate Modern, Victorian College of the Arts, Glastonbury Festival, Latitude Festival and Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

The company has built a reputation for taking all sorts of performing arts out of traditional venues and creating new contexts for staging and presenting work, including nightclubs, cupboards, and swimming pools, on top of cars, in fairground rides and on boats. Their work has crossed a broad spectrum of outcomes, from painting hundreds of sheep in candy colours for Latitude Festival in the UK, to programming parkour runners at the Tate Modern and putting a thirty-piece choir on a Ferris Wheel.

In the last few years, Supple Fox has ventured into developing their own artistic practice. In 2015 they co-created Bass Bath, a large-scale immersive sound installation with artist Byron Scullin. In June 2017, continuing this collaboration, the group presented a new work, Siren Song, a large-scale, outdoor sonic artwork that fills the skies of a city.  Featuring the voices of Deborah Cheetham, Tanya Tagaq and Carolyn Connors played across 400 speakers and a helicopter sound system, the work marked the sunrise and sunset for 10 days of Dark Mofo.

Hannah and Tom's practice often deals with group dynamics and facilitating connection via collective experience. In their own words:

“As society continues to become more divided by the isolating nature of information technology we have become acutely aware of the power of community. No matter how utopian or temporal the communities are that we create space for, they are nonetheless a moment of connection. We try and keep that intention of finding ways for people to experience art socially and incidentally at the front of our minds when approaching programming or devising an installation from the ground up.”

Their current projects include continued roles as Creative Associates for Dark Mofo, consulting on a Contemporary Music festival for Melbourne Recital Centre and future iterations of Siren Song.